One Shining Moment Part 2

Uncategorized, Virtue Reflections / Monday, January 1st, 2018

A few more thoughts on Contentment by Heather McMillan

Have you ever noticed that moments are fleeting? They don’t last. Good ones go away, and bad ones can’t stay. They are ever rushing by. One after another. Even when there is a string of similar ones in a row, they are still passing.

Being content is crucial to capturing the goodness in them. It is the key to enjoying the life out of them. It means I can soak in the joy of it, even when I fear it is the last of its kind.

Take this moment for example, I’m content to just do one thing, and I’m using it to write. I’m thinking about my two young-adult children who live with me. It is amazing, and it cannot last. My married son and wife are visiting this week and though we still have three more days, in just a blink we’ll be taking them to the airport. Tomorrow, my husband of 27 years turns 49. He was 20 when we fell in love. Just a boy. How time has flown by! They’re all in the living-room chatting and laughing. I’m taking it all in. I’m using this moment to write and to listen and to smile.

Can I rest in the choice I have made, in the way I am using it? Yes.

Contentment means no regrets. It means no wishing there was more. It means I can stop stuffing this moment with every feeling and emotion I want it to have. It simply can’t contain them. And that is just fine.

Other moments will come that I can live and love as much as one. I will love them differently, but I will love them for themselves and not compare them to a moment that I lost or one I am trying to artificially create.

Trying to create moments is a sure way to miss the one we’re in.

Life is not about constants. It is about ebbs and flows. And therefore, I can be content whether rich or poor, lonely or surrounded by friends. I can be content accomplishing little or getting ahead. I am always on my way from one to another, and must learn the joy of each.

The point is to stop struggling. Relax and rest. Don’t jump up to get one more thing, or second guess yourself to death. When you discover a lack, let it test your contentment.

I’ve had lots of different kinds of moments. I’m sure you have too. Some bizarre, some hilarious, some silly, frightening, grievous, fulfilling, bountiful, and grueling. In all of these, there is a choice to be made.

To be content, or not to be.

Choosing contentment is the way to find the jewel hidden in each moment. Every moment has at least one. This particular one is a treasure trove.

And I am savoring this one shining moment.

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