DIY Ladder Tree

How-To Guides / Friday, December 22nd, 2017

We just moved to Texas, the land of short, expensive Christmas trees, from the PNW, where they grow like weeds. I wanted to buy a beautiful, tall artificial tree, but needed to wait until they went on sale. After Christmas. So, I suggested we not have a tree this year. WHAT? Ok, not gonna happen. I started looking for alternative tree ideas (What a mess out there, people!), and saw one little picture of a toddler under a ladder draped with lights.

I fell in love.

After much searching, I found a 10-foot wooden ladder on craigslist ($25.00. A Christmas miracle), and wrapped white lights around it, starting at the bottom. I have some wired grapevine garland that winds around the ladder too. (I’ve had mine for a decade, but you can still buy it.) A wide burlap ribbon would look pretty too. But this is about contentment. Use what you have!

Then I tied nylon line of various lengths to the rungs, (I pulled line off the fishing pole in the garage) and hung some white ornaments. Mostly white, glass birds. It looks elegant with just a few.

I hung some from the underside of the top step using eye hooks.

Now we can put presents ON the tree! It is so perfect I might convince my family to let me use it every year.

When I have grandchildren, I am going to let them sleep under the “stars”. I’m going to read to them the beautiful Bible story of when angels walked between Heaven and earth on Jacob’s ladder.

When I started, I had no idea how it would work out. I only began the process because I had to let go of “My Oregon Noble Fir”, and “My Texas Pre-lit Artificial Pine”. Sometimes letting go opens our hands to something much better. 

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