Creativity powered by Contentment

Uncategorized / Friday, December 22nd, 2017

December, and more specifically the Christmas season, gives us the MOST concentrated opportunity for practicing contentment than any other time of year.

I want so many things! Especially Christmas decorations. I want to go all white…so that means completely starting over. But I want them to have meaning too…not just a bunch of things thrown at my tree.

Ugg. I need to “have my wanter under control”. That is the way We Choose Virtues defines contentment. I guess I should practice it myself! “Practice makes perfect”, as they say.

Being content may sound to you like pure drudgery. A self-imposed constraint with no happy benefits whatever. But contentment breaks the cycle of the wanting-addiction, and it does have other benefits too.

  1. Simplified, uncluttered spaces
  2. Debt free living
  3. More enjoyment of what you already have
  4. An absence of envy and jealousy
  5. Greater sensitivity to the wants and needs of others
  6. Stimulation of resourcefulness and creativity. “Wait. How’s that?”

Glad you asked! Here’s how I see it. 

Constantly getting what you want numbs your mind. It creates a rut. It makes your problem-solver weak and listless. But what if, instead of focusing our thoughts on that ONE THING WE WANT BUT CAN’T HAVE, we choose contentment and broaden our thinking to see unlimited possibilities for problem-solving. Contentment allows a door of creativity to open in our minds.

We begin to look at the want or need from many angles. Resourcefulness is stimulated when we start seeing what we have around us with fresh eyes. Things that were useless before, now find a place in our masterpiece.

Here are two examples of the kind of creativity that was spurred on by the powerful force of contentment.

Click on the photos for how-to guides for my most recent projects!



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