Prayer Jars

How-To Guides, Parenting with Faith / Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

I couldn’t survive this life without God.

I know He is real, present, and active in my life. I want my kids to develop the skill of asking Him for help, and watching for the miracles He does in ordinary life…then thanking Him well.

I was homeschooled when I was a child and we had morning devotions with my mother every day. After we read the Proverb of the day, we had a Prayer Jar that we passed around from which each of us drew 2-3 prayer requests. The requests included names of people we wanted to pray for each day like the president, our pastor, each family member, as well as prayer needs we heard about.

We would really pray for each one. Passionately believing that God heard us. As a child I personally saw many answers to prayer. It compelled me to depend on God and learn to trust Him in everything.

There were times our prayers weren’t answered the way we hoped. This gave my mom an opportunity to talk about God’s sovereignty, and His goodness when we didn’t see what He could see.

I hope this set of Prayer Jars will help your family to…

  •  Constantly watch for needs that God can meet.
  • Grow in compassion for others as you bring their needs to God.
  • Become more confident in prayer.
  • Strengthen your faith as you watch God answer prayers, large and small.
  • Develop a grateful heart and express your thankfulness to God.
  • Deepen your love and trust in God.

What to do:

  1.  Decorate two Jars. One says “Prayer Jar: Asking” the other says “Prayer Jar: Thanking”
  2. Make strips of paper and put them with some pens where everyone can find them.
  3. Write each prayer need and the date on a single strip of paper and add them to the Asking Jar.
  4. Pass the Asking Jar at any family meal, devotions, or maybe at bed time. Everyone can draw two or three to pray for each time. (Or pray for all of them every time if you choose) Then put the paper back in the Asking Jar for the next time.
  5. When God answers, shout Hallelujah and thank Him for His goodness as earnestly as you asked for it.
  6. Write the date on the back of the strip of paper and put it in the Thanking Jar.

What are your thoughts about teaching kids to pray?

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