Perseverance is My Super-Power

Virtue Reflections / Saturday, January 7th, 2017

It’s a new year! If you are like me, you have dreams you want to live. Things you want to accomplish. But very often annoying hindrances get in the way.

My personal biggie is my health. I have a kidney transplant that is plugging away at 22% function, I’m a cancer survivor and recently, I have been dealing a UTI infection since August. Every day I have to decide if I’m going to push through or take it easy. If I push through, my body fights me. If I take it easy, my mind fights me. I continually need to remind myself that I have HOPE in my God, and I can courageously face each day in His grace… whether resting or pushing.

Out of this, I have grown to appreciate the skill of perseverance. It has become my go-to. My default. You might call it my super-power (if I had one, that would be it!) I can pull that cape out of the closet any time. It has a well-worn, familiar fit, like an athlete’s bat, ball, glove or shoes. Perseverance is my equipment. I never leave home without it.

I am not suggesting that you push through life in your own strength. You will just burn out! We need each other, we need the grace of God, and yes, we need the heart of an overcomer. Life, relationships, bills, diets, housework, kids, that book you want to write, those plans you made, all of them take a certain “I can do it even when its tough” attitude to get the win. They all require perseverance.

Dear reader, I challenge you this month, to think, say and believe “I can.” a little bit more, and teach the kids in your life to do the same. Dust off that old courage you once carried, and start taking steps toward living those dreams. 2017 is going to be very special if you do.

Blessings on this beautiful January, my friends!
Heather McMillan

What are you persevering through?

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