Teaching Small Acts of Kindness

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“Thank you!”  “Can I help you with that?”  “I love your art project!” It is pretty amazing that these are the words of first graders. What is even more amazing is that they are choosing to use these words without prompting. As a mother of two grown children, a public school teacher for 22 years, […]

February 18, 2017

Start Their Day with Kindness

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Kindness in the classroom is so important to me. Here are some tips that have helped me lead my students there every day. It all starts with with a morning meeting (The Morning Meeting Book by Roxann Kriete and Carol Davis). Our morning meeting encourages unity, and when students feel united they treat each other […]

February 12, 2017

Breaking BOSSY (Teaching Kids to Lead)

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I was not the first born in my family, but I was the first girl, and needless to say, I had a great affection for running the household. One of my special skills was making chores fun so my siblings would agree to do them with me (Or for me? Maybe. Sometimes.) I adored my little […]

February 7, 2017

Prayer Jars

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I couldn’t survive this life without God. I know He is real, present, and active in my life. I want my kids to develop the skill of asking Him for help, and watching for the miracles He does in ordinary life…then thanking Him well. I was homeschooled when I was a child and we had […]

February 7, 2017

How-To Guide: Virtue Flash Cards

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The Virtue Flash Cards are full color, delightfully illustrated cards perfect for introducing, memorizing and reviewing the language of Virtue. They come complete with games that your whole family can play together.Tuck them in your bag and carry them everywhere you go…from the kitchen table to the mini-van! They are a convenient way to make sure the […]

December 17, 2015

How-To Guide: The Three Rules Poster

How-To Guides

This poster is a sanity-saver for parents and teachers and parents who are teachers! Every classroom or home instruction you already use can find its place under one of these three rules. They are based on the three most important Virtues that a child needs to know. The Kids of VirtueVille are pictured next to each […]

December 3, 2015