Do You Talk About Caterpillars and Butterflies?

Today we are talking about the integral theme of caterpillars and butterflies woven throughout all We Choose Virtues products.


Today we are discussing a sometimes under-appreciated theme in the We Choose Virtues system. The Caterpillars and Butterflies. Simply put, a caterpillar represents the person we are now, and the butterfly represents the person that we want to become.

A caterpillar is a fascinating creature because in its nature is the ability to completely change. If we assume that Disney’s “A Bugs Life” is even slightly correct, caterpillars have a deep desire to change as well! We all have that same ability to change our character. In order to change our character, however, we need to recognize that it needs to be changed. This is why using the theme of caterpillars and butterflies is so effective. You are explaining that change is needed and almost more importantly, you are showing how much better life can be when that change has occurred.  Virtues truly gives you wings!

I have always been taught that changing takes more than just pointing out a problem; it requires giving a solution as well.

So how do you as a parent or teacher identify the caterpillars in a child’s life that need to be changed into a butterfly? This is what Heather has to say (this can be found starting at 1:06 in the video)

“A lot of times when we see area’s in our children’s lives that we really want to change we narrow in on that, and

Are You Using These Simple Character Building Phrases?

Heather McMillan joins us again to go over the most important part of the We Choose Virtues system.

Once again I was joined by author and creator of We Choose Virtues, Heather McMillan. We discussed what she described as the most important part of the We Choose Virtues system, the Language. We Choose Virtues strongest characteristic, in my opinion, is its simple yet profound language. Growing up as a children pastors kid, I have worked with all different ages of children over my twenty three years of existence and by far the hardest thing for me to do is to quickly communicate with them what I am actually wanting them to do especially if I am trying to make a correction. We Choose Virtues has made these once challenging moments into powerful teaching moments. Parents or teachers can you use words like perseverant, attentive, or content and a young child will know exactly what they mean. However, in order to capture these powerful moments YOU and your child or student need to know the language. Thankfully it is very simple to learn and it’s broken down into three different phrases.

Phrase #1: “I Am”

     The “I Am” phrase is the actual virtue itself, such as “I Am Perseverant”. It’s important to remember that when you are teaching these virtues that you don’t just use the virtue itself but you also include the “I Am”. As Heather puts it “We Choose Virtues wants people to take personal responsibility for their own character”.

3 Tips on Starting We Choose Virtues

Are you curious where the best place to start is? Heather McMillan, author and creator of We Choose Virtues, explains.



This week on VirtueVille we talked with We Choose Virtues author and creator Heather McMillan. This is the first video in our We Choose Virtues series and we would like to start off by thanking We Choose Virtues for sponsoring our blog.

I asked Heather what the number one question that she was asked about using her system. She stated that more than anything else people just don’t know how to start. I honestly would have asked the same question. We Choose Virtues classifies their product as a training supplement rather than a curriculum. While it can stand on its own, this product really shines when it is added along with every other thing you do in life. However, with that many opportunities to use the product it can get overwhelming so we asked Heather for three tips on getting started.

Tip #1: Open It Up.

     This sounds almost too simple, I know, but it is also profoundly true. Opening it right when you get it, or if you have already owned it for a while reopening it right away, is essential to getting the most out of it. Heather explains that sometimes we order a new product and we are so excited to use it, but we feel like we need